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Colour Light Therapy Brings Balance To The Body, Mind And Spirit.

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Colour light has an immediate and profound effect on our cellular system: it has the power to change the biochemical structure of any organism.

Photosynthesis is the natural power to change the biochemical structure of any living organism. Photosynthesis is the natural process by which green trees and plants use energy from the sun to transform water,carbon dioxide and minerals into organic compounds for their growth and oxygen, which is released.

Photosynthesis provides us with most of the oxygen we breathe. Light in the same way, stimulates the function of human hormones, which energise the function of all the different parts of our body, mind, and spirit.

The human organism needs to be exposed to all the colours of the spectrum in order to function fully. If one of the energy centres (chakras) is 'weak' or 'blocked', it needs to be recharged with the appropriate light vibration, defined by a specific colour. 

Here is an example of having coloured light therapy on your energy centres (chakras): if somebody is suffering from constipation, they need to use orange light on their chakra, for 4-6 mintues, in order to stimulate the function of the intestines. Orange light penetrates the underlying layers, thus causing biological reactions to occur within the various tissues of the intestines (muscle, blood vessels, nerves, etc.). Orange light stimulates the function of the intestines through light-sensitive intracellular structures and molecules. But if a person has diarrhoea, indigo light, which is the complimentary of orange, should be applied to the same (sacral) chakra to suppress the function of the intestines. Three more examples: people with high blood pressure will benefit by exposure to blue light 4-6 minutes daily, while people with low blood pressure will need red light to balance their circulatory system. Orange light will stimulate the function of the intestines, i.e. the process and elimination of food, but it will also stimulate the process and elimination of ideas and feelings - which always has a purifying effect on the mind and spirit by creating space for a fresh outlook on life. This brings a feeling of contentment, just like healthy digestion does.

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