Our Trainers

Linka Crosby

About Linka Linka has been in the health, beauty and fitness profession for most of her life. She grew up in New Zealand under the guidance of her parents; with most of her encouragement from her Czechoslovakian mother who was a sought-after Hydro therapist and health consultant, having trained at the leading institute, ( karlsbad Spa ) situated in Western Bohemia Czech Repubic in Europe, famous for hot springs and spa Therapeutic .body treatments.

From an early age, Linka’s mother impressed on her the importance and value of a healthy, energetic lifestyle and this has led Linka to pursue many studies relating to health and fitness from the early age of fifteen. Over the years, Linka has studied many modalities and applies her gifts and expertise with enthusiasm and a love to inspire and uplift those that seek her guidance. This application and study has included

  • Fitness training & raw holistic nutrition with ongoing study
  • Professional modelling and television commercials
  • Beauty training & Health coaching/motivator
  • Weight loss training – with five specialised businesses over seven years
  • Body building competitions and fun runs in Perth for last 19 years
  • Personal development and lifestyle / wellness development
  • Workplace and business development


About Ashley

Ashley has comprehensive experience in the fitness industry having worked closely with clients as a personal trainer since 1992. His past personal fitness experience includes many triathlons including two iron man distances, three years New Zealand Army and also rehabilitation of employees in the mining industry.

His personal fitness achievements currently are maintaining good cardio fitness, great health and well-being, which includes running , swimming, rowing machine and weight training for strength and definition. His services are tailored to meet your goals and your desired results by providing extra motivation skilled guidance, advice, inspiration and support to live your best life