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Linka Crosby, Certified Raw Nutritionist

About Linka Linka has been in the health, beauty and fitness profession for most of her life. She grew up in New Zealand under the guidance of her parents; with most of her encouragement from her Czechoslovakian mother who was a sought-after Hydro therapist and health consultant, having trained at the leading institute, (Kar'ovy vary karlsbad Spa ,calsbad) situated in Western Bohemia Czech Republic in Europe on the confluence of the rivers Oh're and Tepla' 130km west of Prague, famous for hot springs and therapeutic spa body treatments. Linka has travelled and worked overseas developing a love for Australia and now calls beautiful Perth in Western Australia her home.

Certified NutritionistFrom an early age, Linka’s mother impressed on her the importance and value of a healthy, energetic lifestyle and this has led Linka to pursue many studies relating to health and fitness from the early age of fifteen. Over the years, Linka has studied many modalities and applies her gifts and expertise with enthusiasm and a love to inspire and uplift those that seek her guidance. This application and study has included.....

  • Raw Nutrition/raw food enthusiast blogger
  • Fitness training & motivation coaching
  • Professional modelling & beauty training
  • Professional television advertisements and commercials
  • Raw Holistic Nutrition & health/wellness coaching
  • Weight loss training – with five specialised businesses over seven years
  • Body building training & competitions
  • Fun runs in Perth for last 9 years
  • Colour light & sound therapy/crystal chakra balancing
  • Aromatherapy & relaxation/meditation techniques
  • Personal & lifestyle development
  • Workplace and business development
  • Ongoing study and application on new fitness and nutrition aspects

Her passion is to now to help others discover their full potential, radiance and vitality through nurturing body, mind, and spirit. Offering the experience of colour, light, and sound therapy, Linka complements her personal training with fitness and nutrition; relaxation; rejuvenation and regeneration; through advanced techniques and technologies - combining these as a facilitator for a better balance of health and wellness.

Linka has a strong passionate commitment to ongoing training; she stays updated on research in the health,nutrition and fitness industry. She believes that our body is important. It is the medium through which you experience reality. Your sense of aliveness and vitality, peace and relaxation, joy, sexuality, power and even intellectual enjoyment are all experienced through your physical body. The more alive it is - the more intense your sensation - the more richness of life you experience. Linka’s biggest asset in her lifestyle and guidance of others has been through good nutrition,Yoga and physical training, enhancing, promoting, a true balance of harmony and wellbeing for others.

Linka's mission statement is "GOOD HEALTH IS GOOD WEALTH"