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Aromatouch Therapeutic Essential Oil Massage (1 hour)

Experience the purity and quality of Elevation, Whisper and Serenity.

JOYA Crystal Massage ( 1 hour)

Experience this treasure box of powerful healing energies. Relieves muscle tension and stress. As precious crystals create deep relaxation, experience the "Island of Tranquillity"

JOYA Crystal Facial (1 hour)

Rejuvenate and experience the cosmetic and relaxing effects of smooth crystal spheres rolling gently over your skin.

Bioptron Light and Beauty Therapy (2mins to 1hour depending on requirements needed)

Achieve balance in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle and cellulite treatment; wound healing and pain relief.

Harmonic Healing Sound massage (1 hour)

A deeply relaxing non-invasive way to balance and de-stress, using a combination of energy chimes, chakra chimes, 13 Tones of Creation and other sound vibration to enhance alertness, concentration and a deepened state of peace. Helps release energy blockages.

Dream Spa- relax, refresh, recharge (1 hour)

An all-in-one phototherapy system for pain relief and stress, hair and scalp improvement; hand and age spots; and blue light therapy facials. A true wholistic colour light therapy.

Guided Meditation guided through total relaxation techniques (1 hour)

All treatments include the application of special selected certified pure essential oils with Brain Wave therapy to unfold your full potential and create the life you want to live. Orgone therapy enhances and supports your vital life force.

Fresh vegetable and fruit juices/organic herbal teas for refreshments served in the ambience of the landscaped lush atmosphere.

  • Nutritional advice and guidance is encouraged to nourish your body
  • Research is updated and supported from an elite group of highly qualified professionals
  • Each treatment is $85 Block of 10 sessions is $70 each

Other products available

Oxy Face Spray

Oxy Sterile is pure water enriched with a high concentration of pure oxygen, for moisturizing,Refreshing,Vitalizing,Balancing,Calming,Relieving,Protecting

Doterra Skin care products Energy supplements available Slim & Sassy program available
Sports deep blue relief Doterra Physician Family Kit Doterra body and hand spa
Aromatouch kit JOYA massage products Bioptron Oxy sterile spray
Bioptron skin care/ spa products Therapy Air Innovative Steriliser Unit Aqua Pura,Vita Longa Water Purifying System

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