Sacred body Curves


Throughout my life journey I have been blessed with many wise and beautiful people, the wisdom of nature, animals and pets, in particular my much loved dog Marama, who passed recently.

All have been and still are sources of inspiration, both here and in other areas of creative expression.

For me they have all been masters and teachers in their unique way and it is to them that I dedicate this book, holding them in deep gratitude and appreciation for their love and kindness.

It is with this hope that my book Sacred Body Curves will inspire you to be the best you can be. With Eighteen picture filled images to engage your imagination Sacred Body Curves reminds us to be still and listen, to enter the quiet inner sanctuary of NOW


Chapter One Life is a Journey
Chapter Two A Message of Beauty, Heart Magic
Chapter Three Conscious Beauty and Self Love
Chapter Four Eyes of Beauty
If you open your eyes to Beauty
101 Virtues and Qualities
Love holds us together
Chapter Five Flower Power
Chapter Six Seed Blessings
Trees, our Valued Friends
Chapter Seven Elixir of life
Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Heart
Chapter Eight Power of Movement
Chapter Nine >Stories out Posture tells
Beautiful Feet, Connected Souls
Stepping into Bliss
Chapter Ten Complexion Connection
Chapter Eleven Celebrating Wholeness
Flame of Illusion
Chapter Twelve Uplift, inspire and improve. Gratitude
Chapter Thirteen Colouring our World
Chapter Fourteen Colours of the Rainbow
Chapter Fifteen Portals to higher Consciousness
Chapter Sixteen Garden of Earthly Delights
Chapter Seventeen Sacred Storytelling
Chapter Eighteen Peace is the key, Embracing All and One

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Link Crosby AuthorLinka Crosby is a Certified Holistic Health Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Gym Instructor / Certified Raw Nutritionist, Colour Light Therapist, Aromatherapist, Author, Mentor, Speaker/AADP/IICT, YogaFIT instructor. Her expertise in these fields has seen her involved in the health, beauty and fitness profession for most of her life. She has studied many modalities designed to awaken our evolutionary potential and consciousness.

Linka’s approach to life is simple and inspiring – practising a conscious lifestyle in tune with Nature and Spirit. Her gift for creating greater levels of wellbeing is shared in this book, along with her wisdom and passion for life.

Her passion is to now to help others discover their full potential, radiance and vitality through nurturing body, mind, and spirit. Offering the experience of colour, light, and sound therapy, Linka complements her personal training with fitness and nutrition; relaxation; rejuvenation and regeneration; through advanced techniques and technologies - combining these as a facilitator for a better balance of health and wellness.

Linka has a strong passionate commitment to ongoing training; she stays updated on research in the health,nutrition and fitness industry. She believes that our body is important. It is the medium through which you experience reality. Your sense of aliveness and vitality, peace and relaxation, joy, sexuality, power and even intellectual enjoyment are all experienced through your physical body. The more alive it is - the more intense your sensation - the more richness of life you experience. Linka’s biggest asset in her lifestyle and guidance of others has been through good nutrition,Yoga and physical training, enhancing, promoting, a true balance of harmony and wellbeing for others. Linka's mission statement is Good Health is Good Wealth