Dream Spa

Testimonials from people talking about the effects and benefits of our Dream Spa Treatments and the many areas others have benefited ranging from sleeping problems to general health and well being.


I can't believe it!! I feel like I have new feet. My toes have been in pain and frozen for years. The longer I received the light treatment the more my feet tingled, and the tingle removed the pain. I feel like my feet are lighter, like I'm wearing someone else's shoes! I haven't been able to move my feet like this in years Alice, WI
I am having very noticeable results with my face looking better (have a serious wrinkle problems) and my skin has improved at least 40% already .... !!!" Jane D
My friend, Alice, (see above comment) tried the Blue Calm program because she hadn't been sleeping. She did sleep a full night that night, but she was more impressed by how it helped her feet! After her session, I watched as she flexed her toes up and down, saying in awe, "I couldn't do this before!" - obviously, she can, now Susan A IL
I love the Dream Spa. It has definitely improved my energy and I also feel less pain in my body. I feel like I've done a beautiful meditation each time I do a session and no matter how hard I try to stay awake it always puts me into the deepest sleep which actually feels quite delicious. I humbly thank you Thomas for your perseverance in creating such a beautiful machine Carol T
I use the Renew cycle before I go to work in the morning and the Blue/calm at night. My work as an accountant is very stressful at times and I thank you again for the work/research in bringing this new and wonderful technology to us. I use to wake up every morning with anxiety however, this has completely taken it away! Please thank all those involved in your organization, I know it takes a lot of work to bring something like this forward.... B. Turner, UT