Doterra Essential Oils

dōTERRA® (meaning “Gift of the Earth”) essential oils represent the safest, purest essential oils available in the world today. This is what our customers say about doTerra Essential oils, their benefits and how it has helped improve quality of life , health and well being.


As a massage therapist and educator, I have applied essential oils to hundreds of people including children, adults, and senior citizens with great results. Unfortunately, attempts to apply oils to my husband resulted in a severe skin reaction causing him to break out in small bumps that would itch and scab over. I was working as a distributor for another essential oil company and they told me he must be "defective" or "toxic" in some way, and I resigned myself to the fact that he could not benefit from using essential oils. I was then introduced to dōTERRA's Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils by a trusted friend, and I decided to carefully give them a try on my husband. We applied a small amount of oregano, which would normally cause a severe reaction, to his back before he went to bed, and in the morning he was fine. Encouraged, we applied dōTERRA's oregano, thyme, basil, cypress, marjoram, peppermint, and Balance blend for a second night, and he had no uncomfortable reaction as he had using the other company's oils. This is very encouraging for both of us and we plan to continue using dōTERRA's oils from now on.

Thank you, dōTERRA, for giving us pure essential oil alternatives that are safe, effective, and smell so wonderful too!.

Submitted by Peggy Langenwalter, Albuquerque, NM, licensed massage therapist, health advocate, Independent dōTERRA Product Consultant
I would just like to thank you for dōTERRA oils. As a Natural Therapist and Teacher, essential oils are something I am constantly surrounded by. Finding a product range such as yours has been simply amazing. I've never known purity like this before, and I have worked with many ranges of essential oils. I was so excited when I was introduced to these that I took them everywhere with me for the first week or so! I look forward to promoting them in my clinic and with my family. Thanks again. Karen Malone, NZ
I am an avid mountain biker and am constantly trying to keep my flexible backpack water flask and drinking tube free of mold and other yucky residue for my next ride. I tried adding three or so drops of dōTERRA lemon essential oil to my water before a recent ride and, not only did it add a refreshing lemon twist, my smelled lemon fresh the next time I rode. I since tried a drop or two of peppermint oil on days I need a little pick-me-up and it also calms my digestion of sports bars and drinks that sometime upset my stomach during rides Submitted by Debbie, Lindon, UT, mountain biker, triathlete, mother of five, satisfied dōTERRA customer