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Personal health and fitness testimonials about us, our treatments and overall customer satisfaction

I have been a client of Linka Crosby for many years. During these last nearly ten years she has been my personal fitness trainer, my health and nutrition brain trust and an expert in keeping my personal motivation and enthusiasm for good health at a level of consistency. Her overall skill and knowledge in all of the above has been beneficial to my personal life quality and future health prospects. I am a fifty six year old professional person who in her twenties was a long distance cyclist and multi sports person. After suffering a major road accident at the age of thirty my mobility and sports interaction was severely curtailed. I have found Linka's expertise and guidance during these more senior years of my life has been an integral part of my ongoing personal well being

Sue Henthorn Civil - Funeral & Marriage- Celebrant
After my many years as a client of Linka in the fitness and good health areas of my life, I have now become an enthusiastic member of her 'Colour Light Therapy' community. I use the word community as Linka's integrity over the years as a personal health and fitness trainer has seen her become a mentor as such in all aspects of fitness and now revitalization techniques that enhance and benefit her many loyal clients. I consider myself well cared for as I now seek further techniques to help me relax and rejuvenate. Linka's skills in the above areas means that she has helped me and educated me in the use of the essential oils via aroma touch; the wonderful health and mental relaxation that her specialised light therapy has brought me and I am now an enthusiast for the chakra balancing, sound healing therapy and brainwave/audio therapy. Linka has demonstrated through her instinctive female intelligence that she can not only inspire through health and fitness well-being but that she can also encourage and advise on the many elements that concern us as women who embrace our emotional and physical needs. The added fact that she has an empathy for all walks of life women has and does make her a very special part of my life.