Eating for health and beauty

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Diet is only 20% of the ingredients necessary to be and feel beautiful and radiant of being. Although this is a very important percentage, it is minor compared to 80% truth of thought.

We tend to think the mind belongs to a higher domain and has little to do with the health and vitality of the body. In truth they are initimately connected and we have a responsibility to be aware of what we feed the mind through the various senses, as well as with digestion and assimilation. Hence the saying "what we eat today, walks and talks tomorrow". This is true for not only what we eat, but what ever we absorb and utilise.

The spoken word is very important and it strongly supports our thought patterns. remember the saying, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is".

Now, lets explore nourishment through food and also through the senses of sight, taste, touch and smell. Food comes in a variety of colour, nutrients and life-force, according to freshness, texture, location and smell.

Eating for health and beauty

The enjoyment of eating can be a total body experience, much as it was for us when we were small babies, This pleasure is often forgotten as we take on negative habits such as addictive TV watching, reading while eating, eating in a hurry, not chewing our food enough, and eating while angry, upset or depressed. This is evident in digestive problems, obesity through fast food, overeating, or bad eating habits. But not being totally present through the eating experience we can end up with more energy than our body needs. Distractions mask, suffocate and layer our awareness so the true enjoyment of eating is lost in the moment.

Nourishing our bodies with colour through natural foods is a wonderful way to feed our vision, taste and all the other senses, encouraging a whole body experience, (much like making love).

Colour can often be an indication of which nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins etc, are present in various foods. For example, deep yellow and/or orange fruit and vegetables are high in vitamin A, indicating powerful Antioxidants qualities. These assist the body to neutralise harmful free radicals, giving protection against degenerative diseases. Green indicates chlorophyll, the blood of plants, high in absorbent and colloidal minerals. Chlorophyll has natural detoxifying and cell protective benefits necessary for blood and cell renewal.

Today's high-pressured, stressful living requires a greater awareness of nutrients for nourishment. A holistic, well-balanced 'life recipe' is needed for a happy, healthy, relaxed body and mind. In Sacred Nourishment, we celebrate colour as energy, which gives pleasure, decoration, beauty and seduction to the eye.

Colour is also much more, it is light, split into different wavelengths and frequencies vibrating at varying speeds. we perceive a tree as green, because it absorbs all colour rays except green, a red apple, all rays except red and so on. Foods are gifts of many beautiful shades and tones.

We live in a world full of colour and we are also an expression of this beauty. Human beings means colour manifestation of light or information. For those who have awakened to the gift of true vision, we are seen as a most beautiful, amazing and fascinating sight, for what surrounds us is an ever-changing picture of sparkling luminous colour. This radiance reflects how we feel inside ourselves. Our mental, physical and emotional states shine through and around the body. This is called the "aura" or auric field, all living things have an aura.

In truth, we are multi dimensinal beings, made up of a spirit or light body, emotional body, mental body, physiological and physical body, auric and etheric body, astral and fluidic or ( chakra) body. These nine rays over lap like the layers of skin and the earth. They are not separate, and they reside in the soul. They are a part of our whole being, which is a part of the greater whole, the one heart and Great Spirit.

Colour light therapy, trinfinity8, crystal balancing sound healing, aroma touch therapy with cptg essential oils, meditation, yoga, brain wave therapy, health & wellbeing coaching (towards a full spectrum of the rainbow colours of organic fruit and vegetables) and personal fitness training, are some of the mastery techniques and modalities which  tune up the bodies vibrational chakra energy centers to an higher frequency level, to read more go to  




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