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Water is a much neglected nutrient, sometimes when we think we are hungry our bodies are actually crying out for water but instead we shovel more foods into our systems and become even more dehydrated. Next to oxygen, water is our most vital nutrient. Unfortunately, it is also our most neglected one.

While we could survive for quite a while without food, we would last only a few days without water. Water regulates the body temperature, it brings oxygen and nutrients to cells, also carries away waste products, lubricates joints, and keeps the immune system fired up and working.

WaterIn addition to performing all of these vital functions, water is the best moisturizer of all as it hydrates the system from within, keeping skin and tissues supple, youthful and moist The human body is two-thirds water or 65 percent of its weight and the water is distributed inside the cells, outside the cells in the interstitial spacers, and in the blood vessels. Water is essential to the digestion and absorption of food from the gastrointestinal tract as well as the elimination of digestive wastes. Therefore every single cell of the body depends upon good clean pure water to help it go about its business and to carry out its function. Water helps to accelerate the elimination of toxins which is essential for weight management. The harmonies of the body are best served with sensible portions of healthy foods and water, so 6 to 8 glasses of water a day is a must. If you do vigorous exercising and perspire alot or under stress then it is even more important to stick to a minimum of 6-8 glasses no less and spread them throughout the day preferably sipping not gulping. Anymore water you are able to drink is a added bonus to yourself and the health of your body. Its recommended to drink half a glass of water every hour or one glass every two hours which allows the water to nourish, purify, detox and hydrate the body.

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