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Tumeric, Saffron and Cumin are wonderful wholefood nutrition and Nature's medicine.
Singling out Tumeric, with its yellow orange colour, used to be called Indian Saffron

If you travel through India, for example, you would see the markets alive with a vivid array of colourful spices, and one would see many holy men, dasas and sannyasins dressed in various shades of saffron yellow, going about their daily mediation prayers and sacred practices.

It is truly a gorgeous and vibrant colour which stimulates the energies of purity, awakened creativity, infinite intelligence and expands one's awareness, strengthening our spiritual connection.

This colour gives innovative thinking both in the wearer and the vision of these bright sunshine colours.
Turmeric, when in dried spice form, certainly has all the shades of gold, cadmium yellow, amber and bright lemon. When we use turmeric fresh and raw, it has more the shades of peach, tangerine, orange and bright coral or pretty apricot.

So this spice is a great health superfood for so many things, such as inflammation, infection, digestion, arthritis, protecting the liver from toxins, is wonderful antioxidant, helps keeps the skin healthy and great for general wellbeing.

The shade of orange from fresh turmeric is such a fun colour – promoting the feeling of amazing health and energy, increasing happiness and a relaxed confidence. Orange also awakens inner creative flow and stirs the beautiful sensual expression of sexual energy.
It also promotes stamina, resilience, vitality – all of which are key notes of the nurturing shades of orange, found in abundance in the health-giving properties of turmeric.

Curcumin is the magic healing ingredient of turmeric that gives such brilliance, yellow and orange vitality to this spice. With its warm, bitter, peppery and slightly ginger-orange flavour, it adds fun and interest to soup, curries, vegetables, smoothies, juices and delicious dips - as well as homemade dried crackers, nuts and seeds and even coconut ice cream.

It is always beneficial to add a touch of cracked pepper to increase the absorption of these health-receiving benefits from carcumin. So turmeric and similar spices, such as saffron and cumin - with their own brilliant colours - help us rejoice and lighten up, through their natural gifts to us from their richly cultured parts of the world. It is also inspiring to note that turmeric comes as a root from the earth; cumin as a seed; and saffron from a flower – such a perfect combination of offerings for our body temple.

I deeply love and appreciate these nourishing spices and the journey they have made to enrich my mealtime creations.

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