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The power and beauty of colour can have the effect of purification, healing and nourishment in our lives - yet it is often over-looked on our list of survival necessities.

Shine light on your strengths and weaknesses by bringing in the colour rays most needed at any moment. For example, a hot headed, arrogant and domineering person, traits of negative red energy, would do well to walk in a forest, or green park, eat green fresh and cooling foods, or wear something green to calm and refresh.

On the other hand someone full of self pity, closed up and living an introverted life could feel a lot better by adding positive, red energy in fresh foods, natural fabrics or by breathing in the reds of a brilliant sunset or stormy sunrise.


Using colour consciously makes a big difference towards gaining a happier, and whole new way to enjoy life. Holistic teachings help understand the self and our surroundings, reminding us of ecological balance and the universal law or divine power which we are all apart from and a part of, reflected in the natural world around us.

Feel gratitude this morning for the light from the sun, get up early with the birds and join in the celebration as they tweet and sing in the birth of a new day. Carry no negative thoughts, worries or discontentment into this glorious new day. Breathe in the rays of the sun and feel these rays shine forth from the centre of your being. Know and feel this abundance, speak the words, "I draw to me all that I need". Have love and gratitude for all the gifts in your life.

The rays of the sun hold the rainbow spectrum, a complete light symphony, balanced for all the needs of our beautiful water planet earth and the human body, mind, spirit. There is a smorgasbord of techniques, styles and gifts in love, wisdom and beauty around us. As we share this creativity and access and attract it into our lives as we need it, we can dance and celebrate in healing, and help build, rejuvenate and nourish the whole person we are.

Colour light therapy helps in so many different ways, like blue light which encourages the healing process of acne, by having 15min sessions 3 times per week will improve the skin's appearance without any harsh chemicals to worry about.

Colour light therapy is excellent, convenient, safe, natural method for home or salon use especially for some people whom have terrible bad side effects with oral medications or are looking for some extra help to improve their skin condition.

Colour light therapy has been around for a long time throughout europe with clinical tests and trials showing amazing transformations in treating many different  conditions.

For more information on treatments and purchase of colour light therapy please refer to my website

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